We can do better

I took time off work to speak to the Harrison County Board of Supervisors on March 8.  I wanted to let them know, face to face, that Harrison County is doing a poor job of maintaining secondary roads, or at least the secondary road that takes me to and from my home.  Their response, and there was no mistaking it, was to tell me (or let Steven Struble, the County Engineer tell me) that this is as good as it gets in Harrison County, that we can’t maintain the roads any better than this.

Here’s the intersection of Quincy Trail and Perry Trail on March 1, 2018.  No, this is not a B level enter-at-your-own-risk road.  A two wheel drive car can easily get stuck in mud this deep.

How deep, you ask?

Notice, in the eight-or-nine-inch-deep rut in the center of Quincy Trail, that there are no rocks.  Apparently you have to be axle-deep in mud before you touch rock, if then.

I told the Board of Supervisors then, and I tell you now, that a properly maintained road never looks like this.  Not ever, not in any weather.  And I started this blog because our county government told me to my face that no, we can’t make this road consistently passable, because it’s just too hard.

My boss doesn’t take “it’s too hard” as an excuse.  Neither should you.

I hope you’ll help me put the county’s feet to the fire, in this election year.  Sign up to comment about your own road.  Tell us what reaction you got if and when you complained to the county.  Let’s get the photographic evidence posted here.